VitrA’s latest addition to the Signature collection

Date Added 13.01.21

VitrA’s latest addition to the Signature collection

M-Line collection

Designed in a simple and refreshingly open style, VitrA’s M-Line collection offers the ultimate versatility. The furniture offers customers a choice of 3 colour options – Gloss Dark Grey, High Gloss White & Grey Elm, and is available in a variety of sizes that will work in any bathroom design. All M-Line washbasins have a specially-designed bowl, with precisely the right combination of depth, shape and incline to promote the maximum flow of water to the waste area, preventing build-up of residue making it easier to keep clean.


M-Line is also part of the Aquacare range, a unique shower toilet solution. Developed for superior hygiene, the M-Line Aquacare range features a choice of a built-in thermostatic stop valve or wall-mounted non-thermostatic option.


The M-Line range also utilises VitrA’s new hygiene coating. VitrA Hygiene is a unique glazing process that prevents germs multiplying. The glaze coats all external and internal surfaces before firing in a process that ensures lifetime hygiene protection. VitrA Hygiene is applied to all VitrA products as standard.


VitrA Signature changes

VitrA’s Signature collection is now available to all retailers at 30% off RRP. A Signature displayist will receive 50% off RRP. The Signature collection encompasses best-selling VitrA ranges such as Valarte and Integra. To enquire about becoming a Signature displayist, please contact your local area sales manager.

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