Sales Team Changes to suit you

Date Added 23.08.21

Sales Team Changes to suit you

In order for Ideal Bathrooms to continue to provide you with a great level of customer service, we have restructured our sales team to further benefit you. We hear from Danielle Lillis, our Sales and Commercial Director on the changes and Steve Densham, our new Southern Regional Sales Manager about their new roles.

Danielle Lillis, Sales and Commercial Director

Congratulations again on your new role as sales and commercial director! What are you looking forward to the most in your new role?

I’m excited by the structural changes I have already implemented, that will enable us to better support our customers.  The creation of two new roles – Regional Sales Manager North & South will enable us to be closer to our core customers and I’m mindful that this has been lacking for some time.  It’s also great that the 1st appointment of RSM in the South is an internal promotion, I’m passionate about career progression and think it’s important that structures are in place for talent to progress.

There have been several structural changes within Ideal Bathrooms, can you tell us more about these changes and the reasons for them?

Every business is continually evolving, more so during the challenges of the last 18 months, Ideal Bathrooms is no different.  The changes actually made perfect sense for the business - Sales & Marketing have always been intrinsically linked and both teams under the same leadership means our focus on the customer journey becomes stronger.  As a branded distributor it’s important our supplier partners have the confidence in our ability to deliver – not just the final product, but demand creation, our new structure is focused on doing just that.


Will these developments within Ideal Bathrooms impact customers, and if so, how?

We have a lot of changes on the horizon at Ideal Bathrooms, all designed to help shape the business through the next decade, so investing in our customer facing team is critical.  I know we have all embraced technology and have spent months having virtual meetings – I’m a huge fan of the advancements made in digital technology, but I also know our industry will continue to thrive on the relationships developed from human contact, it’s a balance and I feel we have invested in both sides!


What have your learnings been through the pandemic?

I think we can all feel very fortunate that our industry has been extremely resilient throughout especially in comparison to other sectors.  However, this won’t always be the case, therefore my learnings have been to value your team, people count more than any business asset so look after them through the tough times, you can’t furlough a team one week and then expect them to work at 125% when sales volumes ramp up




Steve Densham, regional sales manager, Southern region

Congratulations on your appointment as Southern regional sales manager. How does it feel?

I am thrilled to be working alongside a great Ideal Bathrooms Southern team. The team has great camaraderie and I’m looking forward to continuing to forge many positive relationships, as well as working together to give our customers the very best service.


What you are most looking forward to getting stuck into in your new position?

I’m really looking forward to travelling around the region – from central London to the rural South West, I’ll be able to build relationships with our existing customers, as well as bringing new ones on board. I’m also excited about the opportunity to share my years of industry experience with the rest of the team, as well as learning from their customers. With the industry always changing, the best place to understand the next trend is inside our customers’ businesses.


You have been an area sales manager for many years but how do you hope your new role will help to support your team?

We already have a very strong team in place in the Southern region, and so my role will be to support them and their customers on a day-to-day basis. This will include helping with planning their days, offering support with joint customer meetings and encouraging them to think and act in a more entrepreneurial way – taking the initiative, coming up with fresh ideas and always innovating. I will also be able to act as a single point of contact for both team members and our customers in the Southern region.


How will your new position benefit bathroom retailers and merchants?

I think the biggest benefit for our retailers will be having more regular face-to-face contact with a member of the Ideal Bathrooms team. I will be visiting our customers across the region daily, both in conjunction with their local area sales manager and on an individual basis. 


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