‘Alexa – shower time!’

Date Added 12.01.21

‘Alexa – shower time!’

‘Alexa – shower time!’


Smart home technology is big business – and Ideal Bathrooms is pleased to be working with Aqualisa to distribute its latest innovative offering.


Aqualisa, one of the UK’s leading shower manufacturers, has responded to increasing demands for smart technology in the bathroom with the Smart Quartz Collection, bringing control and connectivity to the world of showering, through the Aqualisa Smart Valve.


The Smart Quartz Collection replaces the Quartz Digital Shower, and brings with it a whole host of innovative features, including one-touch controls, full connectivity through an app and the ability to set the shower through voice activated software, such as Alexa.


Danielle Lillis, Ideal Bathrooms' Commercial Director, said: “Smart home technology is increasingly becoming a must-have for consumers – and the bathroom is no exception.


“Aqualisa’s range of innovative products is making showering a truly connective experience, with one-touch controls and personalisation options making it the ideal choice for the 21st Century home.”


The collection features three distinct ranges - Quartz Blue, Quartz Classic and Quartz Touch - all offering a range of connectivity benefits to customers looking to bring the latest technology to their bathroom.


Quartz Blue

The Quartz Blue offers an introduction to the smart showering revolution, featuring one-touch controls and an intuitive LED display indicating when the shower is ready. It can be controlled through the Aqualisa app and voice command, with the additional benefit of using a smartphone as a remote control.


The product is available as either a single or dual outlet option, with an adjustable head featuring four spray patterns and an optional 200mm fixed drencher head. The shower can also divert to a programmed bath fill function.


Quartz Classic

The Quartz Classic is a proven bestseller, now with added smart technology. As well as the one-touch controls that are standard across the Quartz range, the Classic also works with the Aqualisa app and voice command, as well as adjustable flow settings.


The Classic is available as a single or dual outlet option, with the choice of an adjustable handset featuring four spray patterns and an optional 230mm fixed drencher head. It is also available as a bath fill only, and comes with the option of a retrofitted backplate.


Quartz Touch

The top-of-the-range Quartz Touch delivers Aqualisa's most varied and personalised shower experience, always ready to step into at the perfect temperature. With a selection of presets and the option to create a customised shower profile, the Quartz Touch sets the gold standard for control, precision and consistency.


As well as the standard one-touch controls and voice-controlled activation, the Quartz Touch offers safe family showering, with precise thermostatic control and adjustable maximum temperature.


Mark Grantham, head of sales, operations and distribution channel for Aqualisa, said: “The Quartz range offers homeowners the most sophisticated showering experience available.


“The suggestion, even five years ago, that showers would take this huge step into the world of smart technology would have been difficult to imagine, and we’re proud to be at the forefront of bathroom innovation. 


“We’re delighted to be working with Ideal Bathrooms to bring a truly connected showering experience to the market.”

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